Past Exhibits

The Long Island Historical Society mounts an exhibit every summer, sharing new information about island history. We welcome any inquires into more information about any of the topics below.

July 1, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the Town of Long Island.  It was marked by a special Flag Raising Ceremony using the new flagpole donated by the McDuffie family in memory of their son Angus McDuffie.  The exhibit also featured interesting information about the secession progress from Portland.  Below is a photo of the anniversary quilt, with each patch done by a member of the community.  A fundraiser by the Old Howard Troup led by Long Islander Lynn Feingold put on a rousing Old Time Music Hall.

2019 saw an exhibit titled “Sense of Place: Two Brothers Six Generations”, about the Murphy family on the island.  We were honored by a visit from the Ambassador to the US from the Republic of Ireland Daniel Mulhall and the Irish Consulate General of New England Laoise Moore to view the exhibit and celebrate with the island Irish families.

We stood down in 2020 because of the COVID Pandemic, but by 2021 were back in business with an exhibit featuring Brown’s Tower,  now owned by the Brown family.  The Tower was a “fire control tower” built by the US Army Coastal Artillery and designed to detect and locate enemy vessels offshore and calculate the distances to the enemy vessels. It was one of thousands of such towers on both the East and West Coastlines, including many here in Casco Bay.  And a featured program that summer was a panel discussion by 3 island lobstering families (grandfathers and grandsons) talking about their experiences.  It was build around a home movie showing Bud (Earl) Johnson lobstering in the 1970s.

2022 saw an exhibit featuring various aspects of island life: the dance program, the Squid Fest, the Island Collage Project sponsored by the University of Southern Maine, and a talk and display about the Maine Shell Middens.  And our own Eric Norcross and Brandon Geisert showed a short movie they had written and directed  in 2002 filmed on the island using island residents.   This was the 25th anniversary of the filming.

“Long Island Naval Annex: Gate to Gate” was the exhibit for 2023. It featured buildings before, during and after the war, tracing their use over time.  The exhibit also featured the story of Violet the Vixen, a fox kit with a crab vent around it’s neck and how islanders were able to catch her and have it removed – it only took months and months to do so.  Marci Train, the 3rd-5th teacher at the island school, won the American Geoscience Institutes (AGI) Edward C. Roy Jr. Annual National Award for her work with the students in documenting beach erosion on Fowler’s Beach and planting dune grass to try to mitigate the erosion.



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