2022 Summer Programs

Half Way Rock flier


Ford Reiche gave an amazing presentation about his purchase and restoration of Halfway Rock Light Station.  He also gave us a history of lighthouses in the US and of the challenges faced by those who manned them.  Halfway Rock was particularly challenging both for it’s keepers and for Ford as he brought equipment and workers onto the rock.


Maine Midden Minders flier


Dr. Alice Kelley gave a very informative presentation on the archeology of shell middens left behind by the Indiginous Peoples in Casco Bay. Shell middens “dot the Maine coast and are a rich archive of past lifeways and environments, as well as a cultural touchstone for the region’s Indigenous inhabitants”.  She discussed what they are about, how climate change is impacting them, and what research is happening here in Maine.  An effort is underway here on Long Island to  monitor the middens for evidence of erosion and other damage due to climate change.


Hero for a Day 8-30-22


In 2022 Eric Norcross wrote and directed and Brandon Geisert produced a short screenplay called “Hero for a Day”.  This was filmed here on Long Island using island actors.  The movie has been restored and updated by Eric for it’s 20th anniversary showing here on the island.  It was a lot of fun revisiting both the actors and the island scenery from 2002!


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